At Centre Stage our aim is to assist you with finding “your own voice”, microphone technique, song styling & interpretation, harmony, breathing, diction, positioning, technical development and performance.

We also teach stage craft, make up and whatever is required for students to become all-rounders if they intend going into the theatrical industry. My vocal lessons are designed to develop students who want to EXPRESS THEMSELVES WITH VOICE.

I enjoy working with students who are hungry and passionate about their gifting and I am exhilarated by the process of exploration & development with each unique singer I encounter. Our aim is to cover the basics so students can see that getting up on stage is not just about having a gift but about perfecting that gift. I believe that a marked improvement is visible and audible after the hard work is done and our process becomes part of your musical DNA.  This is definitely a gift you give yourself.

When you have completed, you would definitely have acquired all the tools necessary to become a disciplined, well-rounded and creative performer. If you want to be on that centre stage, the you better own it live and love it!  So if you want the chance to increase your technical skills & develop your confidence, Centre Stage is definitely for you!

I look forward to hearing from you!